Beijing Weather

Beijing has it’s four seasons in abundance. From boiling hot to freezing cold.

Summers are blazing hot, humid, and rainy. From May onwards the mercury can regularly gets over the 30C mark. If traveling during this time it is best to to travel before early June or late August to avoid the heat and rainy weather. During the height of Summer Beijing simmers in the sun and don’t be surprised if the temp goes to 40C. There are also heavy rainstorms late in the season. Heat plus rain = humidity. Also expect hazy pollution over the city.

Autumn is probaly the best time to visit Beijing. The weather is georgeous and the scenery of the trees changing colour engaging. There are also fewer tourists. There are clear skies and breezy days with hardly any rainy days. Head out to the Great Wall and enjoy walking with the warm sun on your face and take in the beautiful scenery.

Winters are freezing cold with bitter wind, but bright, sunny skies and little rain or snow. Sometimes the temperature can dip as low as minus 20C. When that cutting wind whips in from the north you will know what cold is all about. Don’t think becasue it is cold you will escape the pollution. It is the worst in Summer and Winter. Although snowfall is minimal & rare, light snow can bring the city to a standstill. It is best not to try and visit the Great Wall until the roads are cleared. Winter is not a bad time to visit Beijing – all the tourists have departed so you get to enjoy the sights with out the crowds.

Spring is very arid. It’s an okay season apart from the sand storms that can sweep into the city. The Gobi desert of Inner Mongolia sends it’s sand to visit Beijing and can leave everything coated in a fine residue. The scenery is pretty though with flowers & trees coming into bloom and wafts of yellow catkins loating through the air.

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