Arriving in Beijing

Arriving in Beijing

If you have taken advantage of some cheap flights to Beijing, you are in for a real treat. Beijing is known all over the world as China’s primary cultural and political center. The Beijing Capital International Airport is the main hub for flights to Beijing. This huge modern facility is about 16 miles from the center of the city. Bilingual signs in both Chinese and English make it easy for passengers to find their way around, but if you need more help there are information kiosks at every entrance. There are cash machines available throughout the building, and you can also find several money changers if you need to exchange currency. There are fast food eateries in terminals 1 and 2 as well as a coffee shop and ice cream parlor.

How To Get Around in Beijing

Beijing’s subway system is very efficient, and most locals use it daily for vicinity travel. If you book your flight to Beijing online, you can find a printable subway map from the airport website. You can buy single-trip tickets through machines or a prepaid fare card. The bus system is another cheap mode of travel, and you can get a discounted fare using the prepaid cards. The Beijing public transportation website has a bus route planner in English.

Sites To See in Beijing

Being the cultural center of China, Beijing is one of the most popular cities for tourists. Most people take a tour of the Dongcheng district because it has beautifully preserved historical sites that date back to the 13th century. Dongcheng is also home to Tiananmen Square, the Lama Temple, and the Forbidden City. Other districts of interest are Chongwen, home to the Temple of Heaven, and Haidian. There are so many fascinating sites that you may have to arrange a few more Beijing flights to see everything on your list.

Shopping, Dining and Night Life in Beijing

The best part about getting discounted airfare to Beijing is that you have some extra pocket money to buy local wares at marketplaces like the Gongmei Emporium. This is where you can find beautiful handmade batik clothing and wall hangings as well as exquisite opera masks and gold jewelry. There are also plenty of stores and boutiques in the Xuanwu district, which is home to the famous Lao She Tea House. Xaunwu also offers opera and drama plays at the Huguang Huguang Theatre, and the district features many pubs and night clubs. You can attend classical music concerts and dance performances in the Xicheng and Dongcheng districts as well.

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