This blog is about the places I have visited or will be visiting…

I post pictures to share with my family and friends

I like travelling because…

The atmosphere of travelling

The atmosphere of arriving in a new place, watching the scenery as I take the trip to my hotel, people watching in a local bar or café. The build up of excitement as I arrive at my airport (hopefully on time) and then getting on to the plane for my journey – I just love the buzz of travelling.

Finding exciting attractions
When I plan a trip away, I always create a list of places that I want to visit, and make sure I visit those places. There’s been times when I’ve arrived at the attraction and I’ve stood there with excitement, the Grand Canyon was one of those occasions.

The memories
I love taking my camera wherever I go, and I try and take as many pictures as I can, so that I can reminisce. I drive the family mad because whenever I return from a holiday or weekend trip, I get them together and show all of the photos. That was the reason I created this blog.

Trying the local delicacies
I hate it when I see people going into the likes of McDonalds, and FKC abroad – I much prefer to eat the local delicacies, and sample the local drinks.

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